NSRI release: Label your craft


National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) Media release:

For immediate release:

National, 18 February, 2007:


The NSRI is again appealing to watersport enthusiasts to stencil their name and a telephone contact number on their craft.

"When we find an unmanned craft in the water we immediately suspect the worst and launch a fullscale search operation" said NSRI's Meriel Bartlett.  "If we had a name and contact number we could check whether you were home and dry - we could also kindly return the lost craft to its rightful owner."

"Windsurfers, kiteboarders and paddlers all rely on our volunteers to assist them when they are in trouble.  Please make it easier for our crew to verify your emergency."

"When you are in the water every second counts - but we also waste far too many hours looking for people who are not really in trouble at all."

If you do abandon your craft - please advise your local NSRI or leave your details with our emergency call centre on 082 911.