How to Cook a Fish

Cooking fish is easy because there are so many ways to do it. Check out some suggestions below and put fish on

your menu tonight!


Many fish are pan-fried; however, broiling or baking are also popular methods of cooking fish. Pan-frying is nothing more than cooking both sides of the fish in hot cooking oil. Coat the fish with flour, breading, cornmeal or batter before frying. The batter mix can be a pancake-type batter or one made with spices or even a little baking soda. Make sure the oil is hot enough. Heat the oil in a skillet and put a small piece of fish in it. If it sizzles, the oil is hot enough.

To deep-fry fish, put them completely into a deep pan of hot cooking oil. Fillets or small fish can be used with or without batter.

Panfried Fish Recipe


Lean whole fish

1/2 cup milk

1 egg

1/2-cup flour



herb seasoning

Cooking oil,

butter, or margarine




Mix the egg and milk. Dip the fish into the egg-milk mixture and then coat the fish with flour. Instead of flour, you can use a heavier, breaded coating or pancake batter. Turn on the burner and set it to a high heat. Put some oil, butter, or margarine into the cooking pan. Use

enough to cover the bottom to a depth of 1/8 to 1/4 inch. When the oil is hot enough, put in the fish. Adjust the heat so that the oil will not smoke or burn.

Cook the fish until it is brown on one side. Then, turn it over and cook the other side until it's brown, too. Remove the fish from the pan and place it on a paper towel to drain. Put the fish on a serving platter and sprinkle with lemon juice and parsley. Butter and herbs are also tasty on

pan-fried fish.

Other Ways To Cook Fish

There are many ways to cook fish that are both tasty and healthy. Broiling, grilling, planking, baking, and poaching are good ways to cook fish. People prefer to fix fish these ways for a change and because oil is not used. This makes them healthier for those people who have to

watch their diets.

The microwave is an especially good way to cook fish quickly and easily. Place fillets in a microwave dish, add a liquid like water or lemon juice, cover them, and cook on high for six or seven minutes for one pound of fillets. Let stand for five minutes and then eat.

Safety Of Eating Fish

Most fish are safe to eat. However, some waters are polluted in such a way that it makes some fish unsafe to eat. Most often the health benefits of adding low-cholesterol fish to your diet greatly outweigh any health risks. If you are unsure of the safety of the area you are fishing, contact your state's natural resources agency or health department. Some pollution problems in fish can be reduced by cleaning fish carefully. Skinning fish removes fat under the skin. Many pollutants can be contained in this fat. Trim fat from around the

backbone, along the sides, and from the belly of the fish.