Welcome back to 2019----------the Christmas break seems so far away, but the DSBC Festival is just around the corner----3 months to go. If Santa was not kind to you we will be!

Please get your entries in, and remember the skipper and crews of the first 50 boats will be given 3 lucky tickets each and will participate in a draw of your own competing with the other lucky skippers and crew that make up the 50 boats. ----ONE, TWO, IT IS ALL FOR YOU!

Already there are 20 boats entered. Once we hit 50, we will hold the draw, and all of you will be invited to witness the draw and outcome. We will have a little “happy hour” just to set the mood.

And there is more--------------each of you will also carry over your 3 lucky draw tickets into the combined lucky draw, but here you are competing with all the anglers who entered by the 31/3/2019. It is a no brainer!!!

The prizes will be superb, so don’t miss out.

Also, as a reminder we are really focussing on this being a really great family weekend, and we are even going to have a special tent for the ladies for makeovers----I think it is called that? I have also told Max Cardona (our Vice Commodore) ---he is Italian (you know what that means), that there is a restraining order on him that he cannot get closer than 50 metres.

We will also be rolling out the Red Carpet for the “small folk” ---slides, jumping castle etc., and there will be a lot of fun stuff for family supporters---helicopter rescue in the harbour entrance by NSRI etc. On this one we take the early opportunity of thanking Captain Adams---our Port Captain—for all his support.

Attached is the entry form and details where to pay etc. so get cracking, and be one of the first 50 boats.

We have also been asked about “backing your own boat” and guessing the sealed weight event---all of this we will handle at registration.

Remember boats are welcomed to be parked at the DSBC from Wed 17th April.

Thanks for your support, and please note it is confirmed by our spies that the cuda are already moving South--------------in fact they are holding a Cuda Convention off Vetch’s over the Easter Weekend.

Warm regards,

Hilton and Shaun (your Convenors)

Entry Form