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Category D - Vessels operating > 1 NM but < 5 NM from shore

1    Ensure the vessel complies with all the applicable requirements as to Design and Construction.

2.   Approved flotation aids (SABS 1417/1987) for each person specified to be carried on board.

3.   Lifebuoy                                                                    (Only if vessel is non-planing)

4.   Dan buoy                                                                  (Only on trawling vessels and sailing vessels $9m in length)

5.   2 x Approved hand held red distress flares

6.   2 x Approved red rocket parachute flares

7.   1 x Approved floating orange smoke marker

8.   Waterproof torch (with spare batteries and light bulb)        (Only on vessels operating at night)

9.   Hand held spotlight with own 12V battery                (Only on Dive boats operating at night)

10. Sound signalling device (other than a Life jacket whistle)        (Only for vessels operating W of Port Alfred)

11. Code flag ‘A’ rigid                                                                      (Only on dive boats)

12. 2 x black balls or shapes (minimum 400mm dia.)                      (Only on vessels >12m in length)

13. Radar reflector (minimum 400mm in dia.) or patent type          (Only on vessels $9m operating W of Port Alfred)

14. Marine VHF or 29 MHz radio & valid radio licence                      (Passenger vessels must carry a VHF radio)

15. Depth sounding device or hand lead line                                  (Only on dive boats)

16. Magnetic compass for bearings                                   (Vessels $9m to be have a deviation table and night illumination)

17. Approved fire extinguisher (minimum 1,5kg)                             (One per engine/ motor and complete compartments)


18. Fire pump (power-driven or hand operated)                        (Only on passenger ships $9m in length)(jet/spray nozzle)

19. Two oars or paddles                                                                  (Only on vessels fitted with a single engine)

20. Grabline fitted to outside of gun whale                                     (Only on dive boats)

21. Capsize rope                                                                             (Only on dinghies, semi-rigid and ski-boats <9m)

22. Full set of sails(incl. suitable storm sails)                                   (Only on sailing vessels)

23. Suitable means of cutting standing rigging                               (Only on sailing vessels)

24. Suitable sea anchor(fitted with hawser and tripping line)        (Only on surf launched vessels <9m)

25. Proper patent anchor                                     (Vessels $6m chain length = $5m; Vessels <6m chain length = $3m)

                                                                             (With 100m of rope; anchors not required on sailing dinghies)

26. Watertight capsize bottle        (Containing: flares, survival and emergency equipment)(Only on ski-boats, power-driven

                                                                        dinghies and rowing dinghies)

27. 2 x Space blankets

28. One litre drinking water per person

29. First Aid kit (with Elementary first aid manual)

30. Air bellows and repair kit                                                          (Only on inflatable vessels)

31. Approved self-inflating liferaft for all persons on board            (subject to Annex 1 para.1)

32. Spares and Tools                                                                      (Adequate to carry out em’cy repairs)

33. Emergency/ alternate means of steering                                  (as per Annex 1 par. 10)

34. Marking of all equipment (including trailer)                                   

35. Navigation lights to be fitted as per Colregs                             (Only required on vessels operating at night)